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Bottom Line Up Front

  • Voice range: adult senior, adult (alto)
  • Languages: English, Esperanto
  • Dialects: Midwest U.S., (Modern) Mid-Atlantic
  • Agent: Not currently represented by an agent
  • Union: Not yet SAG/AFTRA-eligible or member

About Kathryn Prentice

I believe that storytelling is hard-wired into the human consciousness. Storytelling is the leading driver of people's experience, choices, and engagement with the world: find the right story, and you can move mountains. I am passionate about creative storytelling.

I am particularly passionate about narrative-driven first person roleplaying games. While well-constructed prose, poetry, and visual storytelling are perfectly capable of captivating an audience, the thing that sets aside narrative-based games is the extent to which the player is no longer a (relatively) passive person experiencing the story from an outside, audience perspective: the players are part of the story, their choices and interactions driving how the story changes and evolves around them. This kind of personal investment in a story is what captivates me and is what drew me into the world of voice acting: to the extent that exceptional writers, actors, illustrators, composers, and designers have captivated me in a deep, rich and satisfying story, I want to help bring other people to this extraordinary experience.

I am graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design, with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Illustration, with an emphasis on sequential art). My curiosity about not only telling stories about the military but actually experiencing such a life led to a 20-year career the United States Navy in the extremely odd warfare area of Anti-Submarine Warfare (I was a sonar technician). I say "extremely odd" because the information involved is often indirect: a team of people works together, integrating their information, experience, and intuition, to construct the story of a target -- what it is, where it is, what it is doing -- from often indirect or obscure information. I believe that experiences such as this make me uniquely qualified to help storytellers bring their stories to life.

My Works

  • Master Nigi - NigiFury - graduate thesis of John Wayne Ngyuen, Ringling College of Art & Design, Class of 2021.
  • Julia & Delegate Jussara (English voice dub) - A Mulher do Porão (2019-) - a series by Sandra Camillo